Pleasure food

To change something from its natural or usual shape or condition.
To change something so that it is false or wrong, or no longer means what it was intended to mean.

The distortion collection is a way to express feelings through energy in motion. We are in constant flow, our emotions and thoughts are driven through energy. The experiences as in a reaction to our thoughts and emotions can be diverse from loving, sweetness, full of joy experiences to strengths, weakness, pain, survival mode, trauma’s etc. Transformations. We learn and we grow.

I was quit some time looking for a way to express my emotions on a faster way than the way i approach my realistic paintings. I tried several things with paint, using different tools, technics but it wasn’t fast enough, it couldn’t compete with my state of mind and how fast my life was and still is changing.

Because of me learning tattooing i also started to learn to get used to working with different drawing apps on an i-pad. Till on night I uploaded a holiday picture of my man and me and spiced it up with colors using different tools.
Et voila!
Distortion was born.
The way I can play with color is the way I can play with my emotions, i changed my personal photo’s, the pictures I make for inspiration, i create a new playground out of it.

The collection contains one of a kind graphic designs. Only 1 of each design is printed and framed

The distortion collection al so consist of printed sweaters, check out my instagram page estherclaus.lestoir to see what is new! Wear it and let it be a reminder to be your own flow.

Prints are available at Nicholas groente en fruit, Sint Nicolaasstraat 19, 1021 NJ, Amsterdam