No pearls before swine

An ode to feminine energy, a reminder to put her on a pedestal.

As an introduction, a short movie was made to express the overall feeling I had when I was making this collection.
Here is a link to watch the movie (headphones or a good speaker system recommended)

The collection contains 9 “pearls” (oyster shells) on pedestals, that symbolize feminine energy. Painted with acrylic paint and covered with 23,75 Krt gold leaf
1 “Pearl”, covered with copper sheet metal, and will corrode through time.

The collection contains 3 acrylic paintings

The pearls (oyster shells on pedestals) represent 10 different vulvas that symbolize feminine energy.

Our society is dominated by male energy. An excess of male energy brings elements such as fear, power, dominance, desire for succes and recognition.
Thinking is done from the head and feelings are suppressed.
When the male or female energies are not in balance, we may have experience, burn-outs, depressions, unhappiness, appearing strong towards the world but feeling insecure from the inside.

Through feminine energy you can open up emotionally and truly connect. You’re connecting from love and trust instead of an urge for security from the outside world. The feminine energy stands for, softness and receptivity, for creation and feelings.

When these two energies are in balance, they complement each other optimally.
The more we are in our balance the more happiness we experience. The more we learn to trust our intuition, the bigger the path will be to our happiness. The more people become happy the more people give back to each other and society.

The world is in great need of balance. We all should do the work for ourself and turn our eyes inwards. Heal our own individual energies.