Hi, I’m Esther (1979) also known as L’estoir, born in the Netherlands and living in Amsterdam

I’m a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist with the focus on semi realistic/surrealistic acrylic paintings. I also engage with digital design, mixed media and the art of tattooing. Painting however, remains my first language in artistic expression.

In my art I utilize mythology, astrology religion, spirituality, sources from my ancestors, and symbolism in nature to express my artistic philosophies.

In my art I am a story teller. Stories from my own perspective, from my own pain, but also from others. Strong emotions of joy, frustration and wonder influence me.

I am currently questioning and exploring systems involving creed, human behaviors, race, spirituality and femininity. I feel that the world needs a revolution of the feminine energy to become in balance, and I’m participating in this revolution to create strong pieces that stand for empowerment and equality.

I feel that it’s all about finding your true and higher authentic self, experiencing happiness and maintaining balance. It’s also about being curious, asking questions, discussing social human matters, and the spiritual evolution of all. This evolution involves stepping above our pain, finding our purpose, to see ourselves as equals but with differences. This allows us to see and understand the unique beauty we all possess.

All I pour into my art. I hope it lets you enjoy the beauty of creation, challenges you to think differently and encourages you to have a mind of your own. Ask questions. Be curious.