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Hi, I’m Esther (1979) also known as L’estoir, born in the Netherlands and living in Amsterdam

I’m a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist with the focus on semi realistic/surrealistic acrylic paintings. I also engage with digital design, mixed media and the art of tattooing. Painting however, remains my first language in artistic expression.


To change something from it’s natural or usual shape or condition.
To change something so that it is false or wrong, or no longer means what it was intended to mean.

The distortion collection is a way to express feelings through energy in motion. We are in constant flow, our emotions and thoughts are driven through energy. The experiences as in a reaction to our thoughts and emotions can be diverse from loving, sweet, full of joy experiences to strengths, weakness, pain, survival mode, trauma’s etc. Transformations. We learn and we grow.

The collection contains one of a kind framed prints which are graphic edits of personal photo’s and photo’s intended for inspiration for new paintings.

The sweater collection is different from the printed frames, more inspired by the flow of colors and the connection with form. Colors can cause different emotions and that’s why you can choose your own print with sweater color to complete the feeling for you

Wear it and let it be a reminder to be your own flow.

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